Breaking Down Auditory Processing Disorders: Can the Berard Method of AIT Be Your Solution?

Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) are complex conditions in which the brain struggles to process sounds, leading to difficulties in understanding speech and problems with learning and communication. These issues are not due to hearing loss but are due to the brain’s processing capabilities. APD affects children and adults, necessitating effective and innovative solutions for management […]

Person confused between Therapy and Training

Auditory Integration Therapy or Training: What is the Difference?

Auditory Integration Therapy or Training: What is the Difference? Training Auditory integration therapy (AIT) is a term used by many parents and some professionals when referring to a method used for addressing auditory processing or other learning difficulties. However, the original term, coined when the Berard method of AIT was introduced in the U.S., is […]

Home Based -At Home - In Home - Remote Berard AIT… What’s the Difference?

Terms Can Be Confusing!  When searching for AIT services at your home, you may be confused by the different terms used. There are some sound-based programs that may appear to be Berard AIT, and are referred to as Home-Based, or In Home AIT or even Berard AIT.  If the Berard protocol is not followed, then […]