BAITIS Benefits

Publicize your participation as a member of the official professional organization approved by Dr. Guy Berard.
Priority listing of your name on theĀ Practitioner Locator Map, with a distinctive membership banner.
Exclusive BAITIS assistance in sponsoring regional conferences; an excellent marketing and educational tool.
Learn and share through interactive participation in meetings, conferences, and committees dedicated to the promotion of Berard AIT.
Access information on current standards and new information for Berard AIT.
Obtain support and guidance for research and the advancement of Berard AIT.
Receive a discount for conference registration fees and materials available through the Society.
Access to the professional Berard AIT brochure, available in English or Spanish.
Membership certificate to document your good standing in the Berard AIT International Society.
The Directory Registration fee of $25 USD is included in the BAITIS membership fee.