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10 Questions to help find the right Berard AIT Practitioner for you ….

By Sally Brockett, Director, IDEA Training Center, Inc. Genuine Berard  AIT  may only be administered by a fully trained, experienced practitioner. There are many factors that may differ from one AIT practitioner to another, so it’s important to carefully gather information to make an informed, knowledgeable decision. The following questions should help you become an […]

Find Berard AIT Practitioners: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding a Berard AIT practitioner is crucial for those with auditory and sensory processing disorders, auditory sensitivities, speech/language difficulties and other challenges that impact on activities of daily life and educational advancements. This comprehensive guide offers insightful and practical tips to help you select a professional who can provide effective Auditory Integration Training. Understanding Berard […]

Berard Auditory Integration Training: Reinforces Speech and Language Development in Children

Auditory Integration Training (AIT), developed by Dr. Guy Berard, is a complementary approach to  speech and language therapy. This non-invasive program targets auditory sensitivities and processing issues, pivotal in addressing speech and language delays in children. AIT enhances the brain’s ability to process auditory information effectively which is fundamental to language development. Scientific studies endorse […]

Breaking Down Auditory Processing Disorders: Can the Berard Method of AIT Be Your Solution?

Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) are complex conditions in which the brain struggles to process sounds, leading to difficulties in understanding speech and problems with learning and communication. These issues are not due to hearing loss but are due to the brain’s processing capabilities. APD affects children and adults, necessitating effective and innovative solutions for management […]