Berard AIT - At Any Age

Berard AIT: At Any Age

By Sally Brockett, M.S., Director, IDEA Training Center Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) offers transformative possibilities for both adults and children seeking self-improvement. Sally Brockett, Director of IDEA Training Center, delves into the various areas of change that can benefit adults and explores the common experiences shared by parents discovering their own challenges through their child's struggles.

Seeking Improvement

Both children and adults can experience difficulties understanding conversations and making sense of the sounds in their environments, especially when there is no hearing loss to justify these problems.  When words or meanings are misunderstood, it may be embarrassing or cause a breakdown in communication.  Everyone can experience an inability to focus on what is being said when there is background noise, like in a noisy restaurant for example, but when this phenomenon impacts our daily lives, it needs to be addressed.

What ages are appropriate for Berard AIT?

3 years is the minimum age for Berard AIT, and there is no upper age limit. Neuroplasticity, which is the foundation for the results achieved with Berard AIT, has been proven effective at any age. There is evidence that neuroplasticity continues to create new neural connections even at very advanced ages.

How does Berard AIT stimulate neuroplasticity?

Children are in continuing stages of development, and we expect significant changes in their skills and abilities. Once we reach maturity, the process of learning and development doesn’t stop, it just changes in the way we continue to develop. With the right combination of intensity, frequency, and duration neuroplasticity can be triggered to create new pathways, or connections, which enable adults to achieve or improve skills to levels they never thought possible. Berard provides these three key elements, intensity, frequency, and duration to activate neuroplasticity.

Children and Berard AIT

When the significant changes in skills and abilities do not develop as anticipated in children, we need to examine the reasons why. Children who have difficulty with academics, communication skills, or social behaviors often respond quite well to Berard AIT. Those who have sensory defensiveness or auditory hypersensitivity also find relief after participating in a Berard AIT program. Their skills and abilities in many developmental areas will show great progress because the root cause has been addressed.

Adults and Berard AIT

Adults from diverse backgrounds, including business, entertainment, education, sports, and healthcare, are drawn to Berard AIT. Reasons vary, from enhancing memory and self-confidence to improving speech, language, reading, and overall well-being. Berard  AIT is especially interesting for adults who are sensitive to sounds and have difficulty focusing on what is being said, particularly when there is background noise. The impact extends to concentration, attention, and organizational skills.

Empathy Through Experience

Very often adults recognize their own difficulties reflected in their children. Difficulties with academics, self-confidence, or organization that we see in our children can bring back memories of our own struggles with these very issues.

Evidence for success with children and adults

Example of pre and post testing of adult auditory processing.

Life-Altering transformations

Testimonials from adults highlight profound transformations. Some express regret that Berard AIT wasn't available in their childhood, while others pursue higher education and new career paths with increased confidence, a testament to the program's life-enriching impact.


Berard AIT is not limited to children; it offers valuable benefits to adults seeking positive changes in various aspects of their lives. The program's success stories underscore its potential to open doors to new life experiences, emphasizing that it's never too late for personal growth. If you are seeking transformations in some areas of your life, contact a Berard AIT practitioner to learn more about what is possible.
  ABOUT SALLY BROCKETT Sally personally trained with Dr. Berard in France and has become an international leader in the Berard Method of Auditory Integration Training. Founder and President of the Berard AIT International Society, Sally works with Berard Instructors and Berard Practitioners to maintain the high standards associated with this method. She has advanced the method to include new technology that enables Berard practitioners to provide Remote AIT service that allows people around the world to receive this valuable program without the need to travel from home. Sally co-authored the book “Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded” with Dr. Berard to provide a comprehensive resource for parents and professionals.