Berard AIT International Society

BAITIS is a professional organization exclusively dedicated to Berard Auditory Integration Training. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with auditory imbalances through Berard auditory integration training; promote and expand the practice of Berard AIT while maintaining high standards and ethical practices; support existing centers and practices, and encourage the development of new centers and practices.

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Board of Directors

The Berard AIT International Society maintains a Board of Directors which includes Berard AIT Instructors and practitioners. These directors are from various countries, representing a sample of the Berard practitioners around the world. The Board members, with experience in a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, volunteer their time and expertise to assist with the Society’s work that supports Berard practitioners and the Berard method.

Sally Brockett, MS
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner, President
Lars Persson, PhD
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner, Vice President
Barbara Hartigan, MS, CCC-SLP
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner, Secretary
Kristin Keller, MS, CCC-SLP
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner, Treasurer
Evelyn Trujillo, M Ed
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner
Puerto Rico
Marie Del Rayo Gonzalez, MS
Berard AIT Instructor/Practitioner
Lynette Beukes
Berard Practitioner
South Africa
Lori Balbuena
Berard Practitioner
United States
Alexandra Duriez
Berard Practitioner