Find Berard AIT Practitioners: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding a Berard AIT practitioner is crucial for those with auditory and sensory processing disorders, auditory sensitivities, speech/language difficulties and other challenges that impact on activities of daily life and educational advancements. This comprehensive guide offers insightful and practical tips to help you select a professional who can provide effective Auditory Integration Training.

Understanding Berard AIT Basics

Auditory Integration Training (AIT), particularly the Berard method, is a significant option for individuals struggling with sensory processing challenges. This innovative approach, anchored in scientific principles, aims to alleviate auditory and other sensory sensitivities, and enhance the ability to process sounds and other sensory stimulation effectively. AIT's core concept revolves around stimulating neural plasticity by using various sound frequencies and volumes to create more effective connections. This method is not a treatment but a re-education process to rebalance the processing system, leading to potential improvements in many areas such as attention, behavior, communication, and emotional well-being.

Navigating Qualifications

Ensuring that your chosen specialist has undergone comprehensive training with an approved Berard AIT Instructor and adheres to the standards set for the Berard Method is of utmost importance. This careful selection ensures that you receive the genuine Berard AIT based on established methodologies and ethical practices essential for achieving the best results. The qualifications of a practitioner go beyond basic training. They often include ongoing education and a deep understanding of Berard method and its impact on functions of the whole body. A practitioner's ability to stay updated with Berard AIT's latest research and techniques is crucial for providing the most effective services. Many Berard practitioners have credentials in related fields such as speech/language development, occupational or physical therapy, education, health and wellness, and may offer comprehensive interventions.

Locating the Right Practitioners

Finding the right practitioner requires some investigation. The first step, if you do not already know of a local Berard practitioner, is to visit the International Berard practitioner directory at Berard practitioners can offer the program at their professional centers or through the new Remote Berard AIT program. This new program is available no matter where you live and allows you to avoid the time and travel associated with service at the practitioner’s office. Geographical constraints are eliminated and because Berard AIT is international, there are language options as well.

Evaluating Practitioners

Assessing a practitioner's expertise and methodology is critical in your selection process. Seeking testimonials from past clients and understanding the Berard protocol can provide insights into the approach and effectiveness of practitioners. Evaluating these aspects ensures that the practitioner aligns with your needs, laying the groundwork for a successful re-education experience. Also consider the practitioner's communication style and empathy. A professional listening to your concerns and explaining the process can significantly enhance the AIT experience. Their ability to build rapport and provide a supportive environment is just as important as their technical expertise.

Preparing for the Training Program

Berard AIT requires understanding its structure and expected outcomes. Being familiar with pre-assessment guidelines, session durations, and the approved equipment such as the Earducator or the Auditory Integration Modulator (AIM) prepares you mentally and emotionally. Setting realistic expectations is crucial in fully understanding and appreciating the impact of the Berard AIT program. It's also essential to prepare for the commitment required from you. AIT involves intensity, frequency, and duration in order to stimulate new connections for better function. Understanding this commitment in terms of time and effort is vital to ensuring the continuity and effectiveness of Berard AIT. The book, “Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded” (2011) co-authored by Dr. Berard and Sally Brockett, provides comprehensive information that will help adults and children prepare for this experience.  

We Can Help You Find A Practitioner!

Selecting a Berard AIT practitioner who adheres to the genuine Berard AIT protocol is a decisive step towards enhancing auditory and sensory processing and improving quality of life. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make an informed choice in selecting a practitioner who meets your needs. If you're ready to take the next step in your journey to self-improvement, we encourage you to contact Berard AIT professionals. Our team of certified professionals is committed to guiding you through this transformative process with care and expertise. Contact Berard AIT today and begin the path toward improved skills and abilities and a better quality of life.
  ABOUT SALLY BROCKETT   Sally personally trained with Dr. Berard in France and has become an international leader in the Berard Method of Auditory Integration Training. Founder and President of the Berard AIT International Society, Sally works with Berard Instructors and Berard Practitioners to maintain the high standards associated with this method. She has advanced the method to include new technology that enables Berard practitioners to provide Remote AIT service that allows people around the world to receive this valuable program without the need to travel from home. Sally co-authored the book “Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded” with Dr. Berard to provide a comprehensive resource for parents and professionals.