Terms and Conditions

Berard AIT Standards

Members of the Berard AIT International Society (BAITIS) are expected to follow the Berard protocol, and are expected to maintain professional conduct and ethics as they provide the Berard AIT program.

The following is provided to describe Berard AIT so it may be differentiated from other sound-based interventions. This information is not intended to be complete or comprehensive, but provides key elements that Berard practitioners are expected to follow.

    1. The practitioner is trained by an approved-Berard AIT Instructor.
    2. The practitioner is using an approved Berard AIT device.  As of October 1st 2022, there are ONLY three devices approved for Berard AIT: the Auditory Integration Modulator (AIM) the Earducator™ the Audiokinetron.
    3. The practitioner follows the Berard AIT protocol. Key points include: 10 days of listening sessions provided 2 times a day for 30 minutes each session, with a minimum of 3 hours between the end of a session and the beginning of the next. It is acceptable to have a 1 or 2 day break but only after the first 5 days of listening. Filter selection is based on Dr. Berard’s article “Filtering Auditory Peaks Using the Berard Method of AIT” (2000) or use of the online Filter Selection Program (berardfiltering.com). The minimum age is 3 years, and there is no upper age limit. Music from the Approved Music List is generally used by the practitioners.
    4. Audiotests are typically obtained prior to, at the midpoint, and at the end of the 10 hours of listening. The first and mid-point tests are used to determine whether any narrow-band filters will be used. If a reliable audiotest can not be obtained, then no filters should be used.
    5. Additional AIT programs may be administered until there is no more improvement. The additional AIT programs should not occur until at least three months (6 months for those with autism) after the previous AIT program. The complete 10 hours of listening should be provided.
    6. Berard AIT is provided by the Berard AIT Professional Practitioner through direct contact with the client or under direct online video communication. The audio stimulation (the modulated music presented to the client),in all circumstances must be directly transmitted from an approved Berard AIT device. The audio stimulation (the modulation) may never be provided through recordings of any kind, including CDs, MP3s, etc.

Dr. Guy Berard, May 1, 2006

Kristin Keller, International Berard AIT Representative revised October 1, 2022