Remote Berard AIT Protocol

With the introduction of the Auditory Integration Modulator (AIM) as an approved Berard AIT device (Comparative Study of AIT Devices: The Earducator and Auditory Integration Modulator (AIM)) it is now possible for the Berard AIT Practitioner to provide Remote Berard AIT for clients. The Berard Practitioner does not need to be in close proximity to the client.

The Berard AIT sessions will be scheduled with the Berard AIT practitioner using a video conferencing platform. The Remote Berard AIT protocol requires the practitioner and client/caregiver to maintain direct visual and audio contact throughout each 30-minute session of the training period. The Berard practitioner will directly control the AIM at her location while observing the listening sessions with the client.

A small, lightweight hardware component of the AIM will be shipped to the client, with headphones, and connection cords. This equipment is to be returned to the practitioner at the immediate conclusion of the remote training.

Berard AIT practitioners who provide Remote Berard AIT are identified on their contact information in the Find A Practitioner directory on this website. Contact these Berard practitioners for more details.