How do Berard AIT and Music Therapy Differ?

How do Berard AIT and Music Therapy Differ?

Navigating the world of auditory interventions can be perplexing, especially when comparing Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and Music Therapy. Despite both incorporating music, they serve distinct purposes. Sally Brockett, MS, Director of IDEA Training Center, sheds light on the disparities between these two programs.

Berard AIT Protocol

Berard AIT is grounded in a meticulous protocol crafted by Dr. Guy Berard. Prospective Berard practitioners undergo rigorous training, including seminars, exams, and internships. Successful completion qualifies them to use the approved devices (currently the Earducator and the Auditory Integration Modulator (AIM)). Widely adopted globally, Berard AIT stands as a structured and standardized method.

Key Differences:

Training Paths:
    • Music therapists follow a specific music therapist training program.
    • Berard practitioners complete a distinct Berard AIT training program.
    • Cross-training is possible, but certification in one doesn't imply qualification in the other.
Interactive Approach:
    • Music therapy emphasizes interactive sessions, gauging responses through musical activities.
    • Berard AIT discourages interaction during listening sessions, promoting quiet reception for optimal auditory integration.
Objectives and Goals:
    • Music therapy targets diverse areas like communication, academics, motor skills, and mental health.
    • Berard AIT focuses on enhancing auditory system function, anticipating broader skill improvements through refined sensory input.
While both Berard AIT and Music Therapy involve music, their training, approaches, and objectives diverge significantly. Understanding these distinctions ensures informed decisions in selecting the most suitable auditory intervention. Note: Information on music therapy is based on details from Musictherapy website.
  ABOUT SALLY BROCKETT Sally personally trained with Dr. Berard in France and has become an international leader in the Berard Method of Auditory Integration Training. Founder and President of the Berard AIT International Society, Sally works with Berard Instructors and Berard Practitioners to maintain the high standards associated with this method. She has advanced the method to include new technology that enables Berard practitioners to provide Remote AIT service that allows people around the world to receive this valuable program without the need to travel from home. Sally co-authored the book “Hearing Equals Behavior: Updated and Expanded” with Dr. Berard to provide a comprehensive resource for parents and professionals.