Understanding the Impact of AIT on Reading

Two scenarios often present themselves in the practice of Berard auditory integration training (AIT). One involves parents who ask if AlT might help their child who is struggling with reading. The child may read but not comprehend or may not be able to decode the words at all. In some cases, the child reads so slowly that all the required reading cannot be completed. The second scenario involves the parent who pursues the Berard program in hopes of reducing their child’s sound sensitivity, improving language and/or socialization, with no consideration of the impact that it may have on the child’s struggle to read. This parent may report with surprise, that their child’s reading also improved after Berard AIT. Both parents will want to understand how the Berard method, which impacts on listening skills, can affect the reading process. We need to examine certain aspects of the reading process in order to see this relationship.

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