Integration of Auditory and Visual Systems (2015)

Dr. Berard shared an account from one of his patients who, shortly after having received Berard AIT, called to complain that he could not see as well since he finished the program. Dr. Berard suggested that he make an appointment with his eye doctor because Dr. Berard, an ENT, was not trained to examine eyes. After the patient visited his eye doctor, he called Dr. Berard again, this time exclaiming that he had needed a new reading prescription because his vision had improved! Dr. Berard did not have an explanation for this, but was pleased for the patient’s good results.

Having done Berard AIT for over 2 decades now, I have also had many reports and evidence from my clients regarding changes in visual skills following the training. One mother was delighted to learn that her son’s vision had a significant shift in acuity, from being legally blind to reading the chart at 20/60 about 6 weeks after AIT. Another client reported to me that he “can tell where the floor is now.” Parents brought examples of pre- and post-AIT handwriting and coloring samples to show me the improvements. One child’s drawing of the “Hamburgler” demonstrated her new awareness of spatial perspectives. She drew his image facing frontwards, and then exclaimed “I can draw him from the back, too!”

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