How Do Berard AIT and Music Therapy Differ?

Sometimes parents and professionals are confused about Berard AIT and Music Therapy. Because both programs involve use of music, some may believe that they are both forms of music therapy. This is not the case. There are many important differences between these two programs.

Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) follows a specific protocol developed by Dr. Guy Berard. Professionals who qualify for training as a Berard practitioner must participate in a comprehensive seminar, which includes exams to assure understanding, and an internship to assist with practical application of the method. These seminars are provided by an approved Berard AIT instructor and must be successfully completed in order to be eligible to purchase the approved device (currently the Earducator) used for this method. The Berard method is widely used internationally.

There are many differences between Berard AIT and Music Therapy. The criteria and use of Music Therapy does not meet the protocol for Berard AIT in several ways.

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