Hi Michelle,

The most immediate change I saw in Alex was a calming effect. He stopped being so defensive and difficult. He was more accepting of requests to pick up toys and clean his room. This I saw within the first few days. I’ve even seen an improvement in his ability to handle transition. Now after a few weeks, he has been pushing his boundaries (and luck!) with what he is allowed to do and what he thinks he can do. He is definitely more focused.

Dave immediately started talking more clearly using single word and 2 word sentences. He even interjected into our conversations we usually have in the car. It almost made me cry with joy after 2 years of trying to get him to talk to me in the car. He seems more focused on his surroundings and his ability to say no and set his boundaries using words. Overall, I have seen immense growth in the both of them as they are pushing their boundaries and not just reacting to simple daily events and stresses.

I also had quite an AIT experience. I am more tolerant of crowded noisy situations. I still have trouble with the TV volume, although the craziness with the house full of children does not seem to bother me as much. I too seem more focused on my projects and staying on schedule. What seems strangest of all is my keen sense of smell is gone. Since the training, I have not experienced any kind of sinus trouble or pressure changes. Where smell was a big factor in all situations, its impact seems to have disappeared. In some respects it is nice not to be so sensitive to smells for once! It seems strange, but it did coincide with AIT.

Thank you so much.