Dear Aysenur (Practitioner)

Yusuf in Erzurum uttered his first sentence at the age of 9, after Berard AIT!

Before Berard AIT, at the age of 7, Yusuf´s vocabulary was limited to ”Mom”, “Dad” and ”come” uttered in a stuttering and crying voice.

The first AIT program was done with 2 sessions per day all through the program (10 days consecutively). After this training, it was reported that Yusuf took a joy in going to kindergarten and he participated in games and playing with his peers.

Six months later he had his second AIT program. He now started to imitate words. Communicating with his parents, in order to make them listen to him, Yusuf started using words and gestures instead of his previous crying and whimpering ways.

9 months later, at the age of 9, Yusef had his third AIT program, after which he could say his first full sentence: “Look Mom, I´m talking!” (without stuttering)
He now understands what is said to him and he can even tell jokes to his friends. Yusuf is also very social and enjoys playing with his friends.

Before going to bed he sends his gratitude to his ”Berard-teacher” in his evening prayer.