Hi Michael (Practitioner),

Sorry for not mailing, I meant to, so thanks for the reminder!!  Jack LOVED AIT and actually cried when he had to say goodbye the last time!! (This show of emotion is a HUGE deal for Jack and not that typical so we feel the AIT is helping him express his emotions better.)

On that note, that is not always a pleasant thing!! Jack is really letting us know what he thinks and has been more ornery but we accept this as improved communication and are thrilled to see it. We have also seen an improvement in articulation as well as mean sentence length. He was somewhat restless and will cover his ears in public more and say things like “that lady talking is hurting my ears” so I really know that he is much more aware of what he is hearing rather than crying or just shutting down. I think it will take time for him to get used to his new perception but we are really happy to see it.

Also he was quite tired during AIT, and he also seems to taste things differently, especially saying “I don’t like it, it is too salty” when he used to like and eat that food regularly, I found that very interesting, his sense of taste is more acute (he did not seem to really care what things tasted like before, he only cared what the texture was). Anyway, we are very pleased with his progress and will try to update at one three and six months, thanks again, we appreciate all the help

Be Well.