Dear Christine,

I continue to be amazed at the differences AIT has made in my life. I came for AIT in the hope of improving my ability to learn a foreign language. I am pleased to say that everything that I had hoped for concerning my ability to learn another language was achieved.

My auditory memory/learning ability has also increased. Not only can I repeat longer phrases in French, but I can remember a phone number when someone says it to me! Before AIT I could remember infinite lists – if I read them, but heaven help me with names or numbers someone said to me.

I wish AIT had been available to me as a child. It would have saved me from a lot of heartache. I am remarkably more comfortable with other people. Before AIT, social events that were fun for others were not particularly fun for me. This may seem bizarre, but before AIT I had never realized how extremely uncomfortable I had been. After AIT I came to realize that social exchanges formerly left me vibrating. I only recognized this when the vibrating stopped! I think I was in constant “system overload” which I only recognized once it was gone. Now I am quite comfortable in extended social situations – no vibrating!

Another note – my vocabulary is now less “visually dependent”. In a conversation I now “hear what you mean” instead of only “seeing what you mean.”

Gratefully and happily yours,