Hello Karen, (Practitioner)

As you recall, before we started AIT in April, John had just finished a series of evaluation by an audiologist, two speech/language therapist and a neuropsychologist – to name a few. The resounding diagnosis was auditory processing disorder (APD) and problems with phonological discrimination and expressive language. The neuropsychologist also diagnosed John with phonological dyslexia.

Four weeks ago, John began therapy and just last week the speech/language therapist said to me “I have carefully read all the reports but I just cannot find the problems with John’s phonological discrimination that have been reported.” WOW – pretty amazing for a child recently diagnosed with phonological dyslexia!

The second DRAMATIC area where John has shown improvement is in his expressive language. Karen, you may recall a conversation John was trying to have in your office during the first couple of days of AIT. He was trying to tell us that people speak Spanish in Mexico. But he could not remember the name of Mexico. He then tried to describe where Mexico was but the best he could do was to describe it by saying “And Hawaii is over there.” It was painful to witness. You were so kind to notice and say, “I can tell you are describing a picture you see” because that’s exactly what he was doing: describing the map he has on a placemat. Then, remember the 8th day of AIT when he came back from the library and recounted a sequential story — with lots of details – that we had read in the library. And, when he came home this week from camp, he told me step-by-step how they did a craft!

I forgot to mention that sounds that used to bother him (the bathroom fan, running bathwater) do not bother him now!

I am so happy we have these wonderful results to share with you!