Dear Alicia (Practitioner),

Sorry it took me so long to e-mail you. Michael is doing great! His teachers have said that he’s been following directions the first time almost every time, and when he speaks, he is much clearer. He’s been doing typical “little boy” stuff at home like jumping out of the van and wrestling with his sister and brother. Last night he did something that he’s never done before. He had a bowel movement in his pants (still a problem), and while I was cleaning up downstairs, I sent him upstairs to wait for me.

He was sitting pantless on his bed, and, when I walked in, he looked at me, POINTED to his chest of drawers and said “pants”. I asked him what he wanted and he repeated it.

He has NEVER pointed before, and he would just as soon go pantless! I was ecstatic! Like you said, it is just slowly emerging.

See ya!