Quality Standards

The Berard AIT program is used as an educational intervention for those with special needs or for optimal performance. Training as a practitioner is available for those providing educational services within their professional field. A master’s or doctoral degree is required, or a bachelor’s degree with 5 years of actual “on-the-job” experience in a field related to special needs and/or developmental disabilities, personal development, career enhancement, family therapy, health and wellness, etc.Fotosearch

Berard AIT Practitioners represent a diverse group of professionals who all share a common interest in using the Berard method to assist those with various challenges, or those who wish to optimize their development. Their backgrounds and experiences vary but they are committed to using Berard AIT as one of their tools to produce change that will lead to greater success for their clients.

Professional Qualifications and Training

Professionals who meet the qualification criteria must participate in a training seminar provided by an approved Berard Instructor. They are tested on the course work and participate in an intern period. The intern period allows the new practitioner to begin working with clients with the supervision of the Instructor. Once the intern period is completed, practitioners work independently, but their Instructor is available to answer questions or confer on complicated issues. To read more details about the qualification criteria and seminar objectives click here.

Professional Berard AIT Equipment

There are currently two Berard approved devices available for Berard AIT Practitioners to use, the Audiokinetron and the EarducatorTM. While there are other, devices available, Dr. Berard has not approved any others for his method at this time. The Audiokinetron and EarducatorTM have been used in clinical trials and research documents their effectiveness. The audio stimulation used for Berard AIT is never copied onto CDs; it is provided directly from the electronic device. Dr. Berard has not approved any home or center-based program using premodulated CDs at this time. Click here to read more technical information about the device.



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Professional Standards

Berard AIT Practitioners also commit to following the procedures defined by Dr. Berard for his method. This helps to maintain high standards and consistency in providing the service. It also provides a level of confidence for parents who are seeking a sound-based intervention for their child.