Music & Berard AIT

In order for Berard AIT devices to produce the most effective output, the music used must have certain characteristics and qualities. Dr. Berard and Mr. Bill Clark discussed the criteria for selecting music in the early 1990s. Mr. Clark developed the first list of appropriate music based on this criterion. Music used for Berard AIT should include a wide range of frequencies and have a lively tempo with fairly consistent volume throughout the song. Much of our contemporary music does not meet this criterion. MP3 music is also not appropriate since the higher and lower frequency ranges have been deleted in the condensed music file.Careful consideration is involved in selecting appropriate music.

müzik 2It is the responsibility of the practitioner to use appropriate music that will produce effective input to the devices so the most benefit can be obtained from the listening sessions. In order to trigger neural plasticity, which is the basis on which the brain reorganizes and creates new pathways, novelty, frequency, and intensity are required. Therefore, a variety of music is used, and generally, the music is “dated” and not the current hit tunes heard frequently on the radio or from other sources.

The practitioner is expected to play music known to be good for Berard AIT and the listener should not be allowed to choose songs of their preference. If that were done, the music would most likely be quite familiar to them.There also might not be as much variety or some types of music that would be valuable for AIT might not be selected by the listener. Listeners may listen to any type of music of their choice during other times of their day, but the choice during listening sessions is up to the practitioner. Of course, care should be taken to avoid exposure to excessively loud music. In general, headphones should be avoided other than during AIT sessions.