The Berard AIT Certification Mark – What Does It Mean?

When Berard auditory integration training (AIT) was introduced in the U.S. and in other countries, there were no similar programs other than the Tomatis Listening Centers. Therefore it was relatively easy for parents and professionals to distinguish between them. Gradually, more sound-based intervention programs were developed, and many of them began using the term “AIT”, which had been coined for the Berard method at a conference in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1992. Some practitioners using other approaches even use the term “Berard AIT” even though they are not using Berard equipment, or were not trained by Berard AIT Instructors, and specific details of their methods are actually different. Thus, it became difficult for parents and professionals to know whether a program or practitioner was actually the Berard method. An obvious need to distinguish genuine Berard AIT Practitioners from others arose.

Dr. Steve Edelson and Dr. Berard began considering methods to clearly identify Berard AIT practitioners from others who offer various sound-based programs. Eventually, the decision was made to establish a Berard AIT certification mark. Berard AIT practitioners would earn the right to use this mark as identification that they were truly Berard AIT practitioners who adhered to his method. Due to the lengthy bureaucratic processes required to apply and register a certification mark, it took many years of work before the certification mark became available.

  • The new certification mark was introduced in April, 2007 and has been issued to more and more Berard AIT Practitioners. The following specific criteria are associated with the certification mark.
  • Practitioners must be trained by Dr. Berard or an approved Berard AIT Instructor.
  • Practitioners must have completed their exams and Intern Period.
  • Practitioners must be using Berard AIT equipment, currently the Earducator or the Audiokinetron. When new devices become available for Berard AIT, it will be posted on
  • Practitioners must be adhering to the Berard AIT protocol including use of the current process for selecting filters for auditory peaks.
  • Practitioners obtain Berard AIT audiotests when clients can cooperate.
  • Practitioners provide direct, on-site supervision of their clients during AIT.
  • Practitioners do not provide home-based programs or audio stimulation copied to CDs.
  • Practitioners do not provide ‘booster’ sessions of Berard AIT.

This is an example of the certification mark:


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When Berard AIT Practitioners obtain the use of this certification mark they are encouraged to display it on their website, literature and publicity materials so parents and professionals can readily distinguish that these practitioners are, in fact, providing genuine Berard AIT.

The Practitioner List on also displays the certification marks as an aid to parents and professionals. There will be Berard AIT Practitioners on the list who have not yet applied for their mark but are following the protocol. The certification mark can also be revoked if it is proven that a practitioner is not complying with the required protocol. Clients interested in genuine Berard AIT should seek a qualified professional and the certification mark will assist with this process.

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