For some people, the physical or internal environment can be too intense, overwhelming, frightening, or confusing, due to too much stimulation. The ability to process input and adjust behaviors and emotions appropriately is disrupted. Acting out with aggression as a defense, or withdrawing and clinging to someone for comfort and protection, may be an adaptive response to this dysfunction. Attention becomes focused on being constantly “on guard” in preparation for the next stressful experience that may occur. Sometimes, the system becomes so overwhelmed that it may shutdown and become closed off to input. Sensory stimulation may not seem to penetrate and register sufficiently to prompt a response.

Berard AIT is an effective way to reorganize the sensory system. This unique program retrains the system, using a specific, novel type of stimulation with frequency, intensity, and the correct duration to stimulate change. Sensory input can then be correctly modulated and integrated in a natural way. It becomes possible to respond to one’s environment with appropriate behaviors and emotions. The meltdowns, aggression, and withdrawals resolve.