Everyone forgets sometimes, but do you feel forgetting is beginning to interfere in your life?

Do you forget important events or information?

Do you think of yourself as forgetful? (Or have you been criticized for your forgetfulness)?

Are you becoming frustrated because of your forgetfulness?

The Berard method of AIT can help improve memory. In order to remember something, you must be attentive to the information so it can be processed quickly and be registered clearly in the brain. If you are not attending well, or are distracted easily, you will not be able to register and remember information in a well-organized way. Berard AIT improves attention and concentration, and balances important systems used for processing information, so that they function without conscious effort. As processing improves, it is easier to pay attention and concentrate, which in turn, allows you to store information correctly and easily, and quickly recall it when necessary.