Is it difficult for you to understand conversation in noisy places?

Have you ever had trouble forming your thoughts into words? Or had the impression that once you’ve spoken, it’s not what you really had wanted to say?

Do you know a child with language delays or difficulty communicating?

Perhaps you know someone with speech or articulation problems?

Are you struggling to learn a second language? Or do you want to reduce your accent?

Language delay or difficulties cause frustration, anxiety, behavior challenges, and impacts on social and academic growth.

The Berard method of AIT is well documented for its ability to retrain auditory processing. It also specifically stimulates the language centers, thereby improving the ability to develop language, or to learn new languages more easily. Our ability to identify and discriminate sounds must become automatic so that these sounds can become words. Berard AIT automates this process so thoughts can be better organized and be sequenced into expressive language that represents what we really want to say.