Negative behavior sometimes seems to come from “out of the blue” with no apparent cause. Sudden aggression, lack of cooperation, emotional meltdowns, withdrawal, and anxiety, all create frustration, confusion, and stress, for both the individual experiencing the outbursts and those involved in the situation.

Are you looking for a way to resolve challenging behavior? Getting to the root cause of challenging behavior can result in better, long-term success. In many cases, negative behavior is a result of compensating for faulty sensory experiences, or weaknesses in processing auditory input. When sensory modulation and auditory processing are functioning well, it is easier to adjust to the changes and demands of life experiences. Berard AIT is a process that restores the ability to modulate sensory input and balances the auditory system. When these brain/body systems are in balance, we can better manage the changes and interactions that occur in our daily lives.