Balance and Coordination

Have you tried to learn to ride a bike, play a sport, or dance, and only experienced frustration?

Have you tried to learn a craft or skill, or write neatly, and feel like a failure?

Are you “all thumbs” or feel like you have two left feet?

Is balance and fear of falling affecting your safety and mobility?

Do you, or someone you know, give up and avoid activities requiring balance and coordination?

Discover Berard AIT, a way to improve balance and coordination so goals can be achieved, or to improve mobility and safety in daily life activities. Balance and coordination require a variety of functions that must be well-integrated and work together. The vestibular system, located within the ear, regulates many balance and motor functions. Berard AIT provides stimulation with specific vibrational input designed to retrain an out-of-balance system. The auditory and visual systems integrate, leading to more efficient function. As body awareness develops, improvement in muscle coordination and sequencing movements makes it easier to achieve the goal. Confidence grows and interest in practicing and participating in activities is no longer a problem. Berard AIT enables dreams of achieving skill in fine and gross motor activities to become a reality.