Sometimes the auditory system seems to be out-of-balance, something is “off” but it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is. Sounds may be too loud, even painful, words may sound distorted and difficult to understand, or may seem to be coming so fast so they run together, making it difficult to hear words distinctly. Background noise in restaurants or other busy places distract and confuse the conversation.

These difficulties interfere with auditory processing and make communication and socialization a challenge.

Are you looking for a way to make communication and socialization easier and less stressful? The Berard method of AIT is designed to re-balance, retrain the functions, so the auditory system will become an efficient processor of sound input. Berard AIT provides a specific, novel type of stimulation with frequency, intensity, and the correct duration to stimulate change. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s natural ability to change itself. Berard AIT re-educates the system to create a smooth and effective route for auditory input.