Attention and Concentration

Is it hard for you to pay attention, or to carefully observe and listen to something important?

Can you concentrate on the task without your attention drifting to unrelated topics?

Do other activities, visual objects, or noise, tug at your attention?

Do you get tired and bored, and often fidget?

Berard AIT is a unique way to increase attention and concentration on a task. The Berard method of AIT retrains a body/brain system that is not operating at peak performance. Rebalancing the auditory system, and integrating that system with the visual system, makes it easier to focus and process the information that’s most important. The appropriate stimulation provided by Berard AIT enables the inefficient system to create better connections. Distractions no longer compete for attention. Effective processing of information reduces overload, fatigue, and restlessness. Attention and concentration become possible.