BAITIS Member Profile

Member Name: Selvi Borazanci,PhDSELVI NEW

Professional Field: TEACCH Instructor, Psychsynthesis Therapist

Berard AIT Practitioner: 2002, Instructor Lars Borazanci Persson

Berard AIT Instructor: 2013, Sally Brockett

Other Services Available: Family Counseling

Location where Berard AIT is available: Antalya, Turkey and Stockholm,Sweden

Other Comments: Author of the following books:

”AQ” (Autism Quotient – swedish edition)

”AQ” (”Otizm Quotient” – turkish edition)

”Onlar Gunese Hasret” (”The Children Who Long for the Sun” – about children

with mental retardation)

”Icimizdeki Gölgeler” ( ”The Shadows Within” – about psychotherapy)

”Otizm Rehberi” – (Guidelines in Autism for parents and caregivers)

”Gercek Bir Insan” – transl from swedish (”En Riktig Människa” – Gunilla Gerland

”A Real Human” –about growing up with Asperger)