Questions to Ask AIT Practitioners

Carol Cloud, Moscow, Idaho

As a parent of a twenty-year old son with autism, who has gone through AIT, I understand the concerns and apprehension a parent has in choosing a professional to conduct this training.

In order to make the best informed decision possible in selecting an AIT specialist, I would want to know the following about the specialist I was considering:

1. What is the person’s educational background?

2. What experience has the person had working with special needs children?

3. What is the total number of children this person has conducted AIT on?

4. What percentage of this total were autistic children?

5. How long has the person been doing AIT?

6. Who trained the specialist? Is this person an “approved” instructor? How extensive was the training program?

7. What is the highest intensity level of decibels that the listener is exposed to during the listening sessions?

8. What machine is the practitioner using for the AIT sessions? Is it the same type of machine that the practitioner received training on?

9. Is the practitioner using compact discs which meet the criteria considered appropriate for AIT? (A list of these compact discs is presented below.)

10. What is the total fee charged? How does this fee compare to what others charge for AIT?

11. Is the person a member of the Society for Auditory Integration Training?

12. Ask for three references– parents of children — inquire about their experiences — were they satisfied?

13. Ask to see an informed consent form pertaining to the practitioner.


This article appeared in a previous issue of The Sound Connection, 1993, Vol. 1, No. 2, page 6.

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