BAITIS Member Profile

Name: Matteo FaberiM.Faberi

Professional Field: Psychologist

Date Trained as a Berard AIT Practitioner: July, 2010

Berard Instructor: Victor Estalayo

Berard AIT Device Used: Earducator

Location where Berard AIT is available: Salò (BS), Italy

Other Services Available through this practitioner:

I help cildren and your parents in order to allow each child to express all its potential. I study the tipical human develop and several methods of rehabilitation and education that help the child overcome his handicap. I help children, boys and girls with developmental disorders, speech disorders, learning disorders, psychological disorders ad attention disorders or hperactivity. I believe in prevention, in early education and rehabilitation: first months and first years of life are very important to human growth. Answer to special needs of children is possible.

Other Comments: I care with Berard AIT training to childeren and adults of all ages, from three years. My website is