BAITIS Member Profile

Name: Kristin Keller

Professional Field: Speech Language Pathology

Date Trained as a Berard AIT Practitioner: October 2006

Berard Instructor: Sally Brockett

Berard AIT Device Used: Earducator/Audiokinetron

Location where Berard AIT is available: Chain Bridge Speech & Language, LLC., 1350 Beverly Rd, Suite 213, McLean, VA 22101

Other Services Available through this practitioner:
Kristin evaluates and treats children and adolescents with a wide range disabilities, including: language and articulation disorders, developmental delays, auditory processing disorders, pervasive developmental disorders, voice disorders, stuttering, cleft lip and palate, executive functioning difficulties, dyslexia and other reading disorders. Kristin was the Head of the Literacy Clinic at George Washington University in 2008. Kristin is a Board Member of the Berard AIT International Society.