Member Name: Linda Dianne Tucs

Professional field: Owner of a school for assisted learning “Bridging Centre- www.the bridgingcentre “- the centre offers the opportunity to bridge academic gaps (grade 0-grade 5) using various in house integrative interventions, namely AIT, ILT ( ), NILD, Neurotherapy, play therapy, visual therapy, speech therapy, group therapy, RX for reading. These interventions are part of their daily curriculum.

Date trained: December, 2000

Berard Instructor: Rosalie Seymour

Berard AIT Device: Earducators

Location Where Berard AIT is available: 4 Smarag Avenue, Jukskei Park, Randburg.

Other services available: Remedial Therapy, (NILD), Remedial Reading, Group Therapy and RX Reading Groups, ILT (Neuro Developmental Programme) and Academic Testing (Grade and Age Levels)

Other Comments: My approach to remediation is integrative – a vulnerable child academically needs to be assessed as a whole – checking eyes, ears, motor development, brain wave activity and dietary indicators.