Member Name: Sally Brockett, M.S.S.Brockett

Professional Field: Special Education Consultant

Berard Device Used: Earducator

Berard Instructor: Dr. Guy Berard

Date Trained: August, 1991

Location where Berard AIT is available: North Haven, Connecticut. Sometimes I am available to travel to another location when a parent or agency organizes a group for training.

Other Services Available through this Practitioner: The Berard AIT program includesindividual and group parent consultation, information on AIT aftercare, and additional information and resources on many other interventions for those with special needs. I include a Functional Vision Screening at no extra cost during the 10 day program of Berard AIT for those who can cooperate with the screening requirements. Consultation in educational programming, use of Brain Gym and HANDLE activities to enhance developmental progress, and consultation in a variety of other intervention options is provided depending on client needs. I am also a Certified Irlen Screener and can provide Irlen screenings for those interested.

Other Comments: I am also a Berard AIT Instructor and provide international professional training seminars for qualified professionals interested in becoming a Berard AIT Practitioner. These seminars are offered at IDEA Training Center and also other locations around the world.